“kitchen table music” Collaborates with Boys and Girls Club

“kitchen table music” has been on a little hiatus, but in that time I’ve had the chance to work with some great kids at the Boys and Girls club! We worked on trying to hear the music in ordinary objects that we use everyday. I then gave them the assignment to try and figure out how we could make a beat that sounded like Pharrell Williams’ song “Happy” using the things that we had at our disposal… this is what they came up with.

To make this track they used:
– A plastic container
– A hairspray can
– A board game box (with all of the pieces inside)
– Their hands and voices
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Musical Chairs

IMG_2474I first need to apologize for taking such a long hiatus from “ktm”! With the big move back to Cleveland life has been a little hectic. It’s been absolutely wonderful, but an adjustment none the less. For this track I am back in the kitchen once again(!), but it is my parent’s kitchen… a few more months before we have our own kitchen again. (sigh)

I was looking for sounds around the house the other day and I found that the rungs on the back of the chair were making some really beautiful tones. That’s really all that inspired this one. I just like those wooden chairs. I hope you enjoy the first edition of “ktm” in Cleveland. As always, for best results use some headphones. 😉

In this track I am using: a wooden chair, a teapot,the telephone and some paint stirrers 


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“ktm” teams up with “Eli Draws!”

I was really honored to be asked to create the music for this video and team up along side of “Eli Draws.” Here is what we came up with!

For more info on Eli Draws go to – http://elidraws.com/

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Carpenter’s Theme VIDEO!

Yeay! It’s finally here. 🙂 Check it out and share it with everyone you’ve ever known in your entire life….

On this track I am using: sandpaper, rachets, pencils, a hammer, a saw blade, a framing square, a wrench, sawdust and a drill. You’ll actually get to see them this time!!!

(Check out some more of Evan’s work here! – http://www.totallyberserk.com/)

Feel free to leave comments! Your feedback is a wonderful thing…Follow the blog for more updates. Thank You!


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IMG_1307     This is officially #10!!! It’s really hard for me to believe that I’ve already made ten of these.  “kitchen table music” has been such a fun project to work on and I am so thankful for the support that you give me when you check this blog out. It’s been an interesting way for me to push myself creatively and artistically. For #10 I wanted to do something special.  I thought about what I would do for a while (hence why it has taken so long to come together) and I really felt two things. 1) I knew I wanted to use as few objects as possible. 2) As an ode to my first “ktm”,  I wanted to do something that referred back to “Coffee” and 3) I have been found the last collaboration so rich that I wanted to do another one! What I ended up with was 2 espresso cans and an animation from my amazingly talented friend Kevin Abrams.

You can check out more of Kevin’s stuff here! –


This “ktm” track was the hardest so far. When Kevin sent me this video he compiled all of his drawings (with my scanner) and just used his artistic instincts to figure out how fast and slow he made the frame rate. When he sent me the first draft I was so excited to work on it, but I had no idea where to start. I started just trying to figure out the sounds for each scene. After a couple days of testing sounds I decided to sit down and give it a few hours…. this is what I came up with!

I named the piece “Candinsky” because…well…I used espresso cans…. it seemed like an appropriate play on words. Also, the real Kandinsky is known for his abstract art, and with Kevin’s abstract take, I felt it made sense. Enjoy!!!!

In this recording I am only using: 2 espresso cans, my hands, and some water

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Hey guys!

Here are some pictures from the video shoot that I did with my friend Evan Hernandez. 🙂 Just to whet your appetite while you are all waiting patiently for the video! Feel free to leave comments or ask questions and keep an eye out this Thursday (Sept. 5th) for the next installment of “ktm”.










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Carpenter’s Theme


Whoa! This is the 9th installment of “ktm”! I can’t believe that it has been that long already… If you have any special ideas for #10 let me know. 😉

This “ktm” is the first collaboration! If you have been following “ktm” then you know that I have been dying to do some collaborating with other artists. When my friend Evan Hernandez came up to me and asked me if he could film and work together on one with me I immediately said “yes!” Evan is not only a talented writer and actor, but he is also a very skilled carpenter. When discussing where we would do the collaboration we decided that we would meet at Evan’s apartment and that I would use his tools to make the track.  The film editing is still in the works, but I thought I would give you guys the preview of the sounds. Feel free to leave comments! Your feedback is a wonderful thing…

On this track I am using sandpaper, rachets, pencils, a hammer, a saw blade, a framing square, a wrench, sawdust and a drill.

(Check out Evan’s stuff here! – http://www.totallyberserk.com/)


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