Bathroom Break



As “kitchen table music” continues, I am trying to find musical inspiration in every room of the house (Or in my case, “the apartment”) and not just the kitchen. After creating the office piece I felt like it would be interesting to hear what themes I might be able to extract from other rooms. I decided today to use the bathroom. (Yeay!) For this track I used: A toothbrush, the bathroom cabinet, a toilet paper roll, the toilet lid, the faucet, a pipe, a cleaning brush, a hair brush, a shampoo bottle, a box of matches, and a plastic cup. Enjoy! Comments and suggestions are always welcomeā€¦ If ya dig it, share it. šŸ™‚


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Boxing match


Happy New Year! The holidays and everything that has been involved with getting aĀ new apartment has severely delayed #4. But here it is! I found inspiration in the moving and packing that has been going on these past couple weeks. In this recording I am using only boxes, bags, a roll of tape, and a couple champagne glasses (My wife and I toasted to our new apartment last night, and I thought it was alsoĀ appropriateĀ to echo the cheers from New Year’s Eve!). If you have any thoughts or suggestions for future “kitchen table music” ideas, let me know! Thank you so much for checking it out. šŸ™‚ *For best results use headphones!*


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9 to 5 (at the office)


Installment #3! This one took a little longer than usual to get out into cyber space… my computer decided to die. (sad face) Because my wife’s coworker was able to help us fix it, it has been at her office for the past 10 days. I decided that this gave me a unique opportunity to have a special installment of “kitchen table musc” – at the Office! I want to give a special thanks to for letting me use their office space and letting me be really annoying for a little while. šŸ˜‰

In this track I am using: A computer keyboard, scissors, 5 mugs, a drinking glass, a metal magazine holder, a metal tissue box, a rubber band, a pen, and a cup of paper clips.


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To the wind


This is officially the secondĀ installment of “kitchen table music”!Ā This track was made using a jug (and its cap), a beer bottle, a knife, a book, a piece of paper, a teacup, a mixer, and my kitchen table. All of these items were found on my kitchen table this morning…there were some interesting developments. Hope you like what you hear!


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Coffee: The first production of “kitchen table music”

This is officially the first post of kitchen table music! While having breakfast one morning, I was drumming on my kitchen table. I dug it. So, logically, I decided I would record a percussion track using only the sounds that were available to me with the items on my table.

I like to think of this being the music that runs through my head before my first sip of coffee. In this track I used:Ā A Bible, a pen, a piece of paper, an espresso pot, a drinking glass, my keys, a mug, a bowl with a spoon, and of course….my kitchen table. Enjoy!


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